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Welcome to Gear C.A.M


Gear C.A.M.  Gear Design / Calculation Software for Involute Spur & Helical gears, Racks, Pinions & Internal Gears, 3 Gear Trains, Sun Planet & Ring gear sets and now BS3550 Splines.

 Latest Version includes BS3550 Spline Calculations  (Ver

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This software will help you design all types of gearing as above for the following :

  • New gear designs

  • For visualising existing designs

  • Adding a mating gear to a current gear set

  • To change ratios using existing centre's

  • Working out Span or Size over pin dimensions

  • Checking backlashes and interferences

  • All your general gear questions

It is very useful for helping turn existing Gear Data into more useful inspection or machine setting information.

  • For Planet gear sets all planet gears shown these are also shown in the *.DXF outputs

  • Includes in Add Mod section find Pitch from Number of teeth & Canter Distance.

  • Additions Include Graphical Line Of Action and step rolling around the LOA.

  • Design data can be output in *. DXF format for use in AutoCAD etc. see the demo section for examples.

  • Gear C.A.M. can also manage inspection standards as well as BS, Din, ISO or AGMA tolerances

  • All designs can be seen visually as shown on the examples.

  • All output can be printed.

  • All inputs can be Imperial or Metric or any combination.

  • Data input is simplified through the software's ability to make many calculations automatically, from as much or little information as the engineer has available.

  • Gear C.A.M. has the ability to calculate Differential gears for Hobbing Helical gears as well as gear trains for Churchill RH8 Hobbers.

  • A section is available to calculate cutting times for both Hobbing & Shaping.

  • The system will run on any standalone or networked PC.

For more information please send an e-mail to Gearcam


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