Demo Download

The current demo version of our Gear C.A.M. Software is now available.

The Demo Version has now been updated (to 10-0-##) for 2010 with improvements in many areas. Gear C.A.M. is designed to run in 1024 X 768 Resolution but is now re-sizable to suit your needs. using .net V4 enviroment

*.DXF files can now be prodused simply by clicking a button then using AutoCAD etc you can import them into your final drawing print or for process sheets and other information were you might need an accurate drawing of your components.


For examples DXF files please click here for an 8T single gear or here for a pair of 8T gears or for an Internal gear set click here. (These files can be large depending on the number of teeth but need to be very accurate hence the file size. the samples are zipped to reduce download times)

Click this to DOWNLOAD   the program which will then download and auto install on your pc. This will also update itself from the web as you use it.

Then for your access password follow the web link once the program starts to obtain password.

The Demo will work like the full version with certain restrictions it is intended to give you a feel for the system.

Each Demo Version will be registered to the user.

The download size will be around 5 mb at present.

The Demo will run under Windows based Systems with XP, Vista & Win 7. (32 & 64 Bit Systems)

The installation and getting started help file Click here

These are sample Gear C.A.M. Files to get you started for  Single Gear  Standard Pairs  Modified pairs and Internal Gear Sets